Main functions

The Ministry of Education and Science, which cares about the high quality of Polish education, meets the expectations of the entire educational community – teachers, students, parents and the authorities that run schools and institutions.

We want every student, regardless of where he comes from and what the financial condition of his parents are, to have a good school and a good education.

We finance educational tasks by providing local governments with the necessary funds. In 2019, the amount of educational support is about 46 billion PLN. Since 2017, we have provided educational support for all 6-year-olds enrolled in preschool education.

The last years of the ministry’s work were to build a good, modern school. We have left the vast amount of work done by the entire educational community. Well-implemented and evaluated education reform, increasing teacher salaries, rebuilding vocational education, strengthening education for students with special educational needs and supporting Polish diaspora schools – these are just some of the priority areas for activities undertaken by the Ministry of Education and Science.

We are also implementing broadband internet for every school as part of the national educational network, implementing the government program “Active Tablica” and equipping the school’s natural laboratories.

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