Edita Gurniak is a very talented singer who has been doing a little bit of music lately. However, he is trying to compensate the fans for the absence of the media and apart from releasing the bachelors, he communicates with them on social media and answers their questions. Recently, a topic very far away from Earth was raised during an Instagram broadcast. Deva argues that humans aren’t the only creatures living in the galaxy.

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Moving to the mountains, Edita Guerniac has deepened her knowledge on various topics, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and the quarrels of celebrities. She admitted that she was interested in theories about the existence of aliens and today, as an enlightened person, she is sure that there is another life somewhere on other planets.

I always felt, but I had no knowledge of it, now I have discovered this knowledge and have absolutely no doubt that in the space of our galaxy there are also civilizations that are higher, more developed than us, and those who want to support us and love people a lot and are ready to help. And also others who might not quite like people – it started.

Diva claims that world leaders withhold this important information from the inhabitants of the earth, and any signs in the sky are the desire of aliens to tell people that they exist and do not want to harm anyone.

There is life on every planet. It’s known for a very long time, but it’s been protected, and very hidden, very tightly for at least 40 years, mainly by heads of state (…) in a way that we can see it. Because it is such a highly developed civilization that it does not always happen that you can see these other high energy beings. However, they are appearing more and more often, because I think they want to accustom some people to the fact that they are there

Guerniac was clearly proud of her monologue, which is why she posted the full version of the video on Facebook. Below you can hear the arguments of the star about extraterrestrial life.

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