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Edita Gorniak imprisoned in Poland

A year ago, Edita Gorniak, 49, announced that she would flee Poland with her son if she was forced to receive a coronavirus vaccine. In the meantime, ours was the friendliest of her. Other countries are checking COVID-19 passports and have started offering mandatory vaccinations to their citizens. So the star does not leave the house. She even began to like her and noticed the charm of Poland.

Before the pandemic, the artist was a global citizen. She lived in Great Britain, USA. I traveled to Asia on vacation. Now he spends time at home near Zakopane. She does not leave Poland because she did not decide to vaccinate.

– If vaccination against COVID-19 becomes mandatory, I will be expelled from Poland – She said over a year ago. It turns out that in Poland he has more freedom than in other European countries or the USA. And so the singer was imprisoned on the Vistula River, but she does not complain.

When I first got on a plane when I was 16 or 17, I rarely got off for many years. I flew three passports. This is the longest break for me, in nearly two years, when I haven’t traveled anywhere by plane. It’s a little strange, but thanks to that I also appreciate the beautiful area of ​​Poland. I was always working, and when I wanted to renovate I would travel out of the country to get some privacy and not get too much look- The singer says “Super Express”. – I’ve always chosen “Apocalypse” to actually calm down, remove false eyelashes, tie my hair in a ponytail and feel like a girl from Ziębice – smiles Edip.

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The star does not regret that she was limited to some foreign trips. – Some may continue to travel if they decide to rest, I have focused on a sense of inner security and this is also my right, because everyone has the right to make his own choices, in line with his intuition, thoughts and philosophy of life. I have now decided that I will not get on the plane … I will wait … We are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful country. Only now, while traveling around Poland, I discovered many wonderful places. I fell in love with the lakes, I fell in love with the mountains – Górniak notices.

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Edita Gorniak has not left Poland for nearly two years. How do you work without a covid passport?