The Karpacz Economic Forum kicked off with the presentation of the Warsaw School of Economics report on the state of the macroeconomy.

It is the largest economic forum in Poland, organized by the Institute of Oriental Studies. More than 3.5 thousand people came to Karpacz. Entrepreneurs, managers and politicians, including representatives of the Polish government, organizations supporting entrepreneurship, as well as non-governmental organizations.

– said the professor. Peter Wachowiak, Dean of the Warsaw School of Economics, presents a report prepared by the experts of his university. As he added, one of these topics is a conversation about economics in the post-Soviet period.

– It is a solid basis for an open and objective discussion – said, referring to the report itself, A. Theresa Zierwinska. The report includes macroeconomic indicators, but also, says A. Czerwińska, refers to the post-pandemic social situation, which is important when entrepreneurs take action.

During the Forum in Karpacz, local Polish media are also presented, thanks to the cooperation of the Institute of Oriental Studies led by Zygmunt Berdichowski With the local newspaper association. More than 400 panel discussions will include those related to the future of local media, the future of paper media and its digital evolution.

The photo above shows the Saudi German Hospital report. From the left: Zygmunt Berdichowski – Head of the Institute of Oriental Studies, A. Piotr Wachowiak – Dean of the Warsaw School of Economics, Prof. Teresa Czerwińska – Vice President of the European Investment Bank.