We recently found out that Disney Not to extend the contract with Electronic Arts, Under which the other company was dedicated exclusively to creating games that are embedded in the universe star Wars. Thanks to this, we will see, among other things, the Star Wars production It is developed by Ubisoft. However, it turns out that despite the loss of uniqueness, EA still intends to work extensively in this area. Tuesday will appear during the last conference with investors.

You shouldn’t read it this way, we’ll definitely be creating fewer titles. I don’t think you should look at the fact that other people made some games star WarsIt will change our commitment to intellectual property, or our ability to create the right amount of games, said EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

The head of Electronic Arts confirms this Over the past few years, his company has built some great brands based on star WarsAnd working with Disney was very lucrative for her.

We have a long business partnership with Disney, started even before the exclusive period, which will give us a great opportunity to create some very strong brands like Battlefront, Star Wars Galaxy for Heroes, Grandpa: The fallen matter, Either Swarms. You should expect us to continue investing in our relationship with star Wars. The EA President said that so far it has made huge profits – more than $ 3 billion in net income – and we’re excited to see what we can do in the future.

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Of course, not everything was successful, because many projects (such as the products that I created EA Vancouver And the Visceral games). Andrew Wilson, however, is convinced his interest has the potential to create more engaging and engaging titles Yes, in the universe star WarsAnd beyond.

I think what you need to get out of this in a broader corporate context is that we believe in our ability to create and produce great, high-quality content that is very appealing to our fans, whether in the sports sector or in our own brands and based on a licensed partnership, as in the case of Star Wars. We feel comfortable and we’re sure we’ll be able to deliver great games in the future – Andrew Wilson concluded.