July 13, 2021, 20:10

EA Originals Shows Tonight

Update: Summary

EA Originals <3s Independent Studios was not a traditional presentation. The broadcast mainly contained talks for developers talking about working on their projects and sources of inspiration.

One of the interesting elements of the event was the presentation of the first game of lost in randomZoink, an action-adventure game. The movie was short, but worth mentioning, as the gameplay from this project has not been provided before. The adventure will be shaped largely by the idea of ​​randomness, and the heroine will be accompanied on the journey by a living cube of six walls. Unfortunately, it has not been determined how this mechanic works. We’ll likely have to wait for the facts until EA Play Lice.

In turn, head of studio Hazelite (take twoAnd the DirectorJoseph Fares revealed that the band’s next match will be something new ?? Completely different from previous projects. We will have a co-op title again, but the world, heroes and gameplay will be very surprising.

The original version of the message

Today ?? At 7:00 PM there will be EA Originals <3s Independent Studios, i.e. broadcasts dedicated to games by independent developers published under the EA Originals line.. This is the second event in a series of events meant to warm the mood ahead of Electronic Arts’ main show scheduled for July 22. The first of them is his name The future of FPSIt took place last Thursday.

Journalist Todd Martens will lead EA Originals <3s Independent Studios. The program will be hosted by developers from teams such as Velan Studios (Knockout City) , Hazel (take twoAnd the Director), Zoink (lost in random) or Silver Rain Games, which will soon announce its first game.

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Finally, let us remind you that EA Play Live 2021, the main show, will start on July 22nd at 19:00 Poland time. One of the event partners will be Webedia Media Group, owner of Thanks to this, you will be able to watch the private broadcast dedicated to the event in TVGRY YouTube channel.

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