ZŁOTRYJA. The Mayor of Złotoryja, Robert Pawłowski, just announced a competition to develop Władysław Reymonta Square. With cash prizes that the top three concept authors can count on. The works should take into account, among other things, the replacement of the memorial to the Nobel Prize winner with another (implicitly more secretive) element indicating the name of the place. Project preparation time until the end of June.

Złotoryja City Hall said that when last year it turned the city’s toughest intersection into a safe roundabout and dramatically improved the look of much of the square. Now he says “b” and orders a study that allows for the urban and architectural arrangement of the remaining part. It is a square with a memorial, and the area directly in front of the Cultural Center, in the Smith Tower and at the registry office, and part of the Mujahideen. Basztowa from the supermarket to the bakery. The municipality wants this part of Złotoryja to be a representative part of the city not only in terms of location, but also in appearance, and at the same time attractive, comfortable and safe for residents.

City Hall invites cooperation not only of professionals who have already graduated in architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, spatial planning or spatial management, but also students of these colleges. Their mission is to develop an urban and architectural concept to develop a part of the area on a plot of land. Władysław Reymont in terms of composition, space and functions, given the history, culture and social image of the city.

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“The land development aims to allow the area to be used to the maximum extent as a multifunctional public space with high aesthetic standards.” – We read in the regulations.

Władysław Reymonta Square during the construction of a roundabout First of all, the representative space of the square should be designed taking into account, among other things, street furniture and information panels, and clearly delineated pedestrian and vehicle traffic areas. The function of the bus station in the building of the Złotoryja Cultural and Entertainment Center must be preserved.

The concept should also include converting street lighting into LED lanterns and expanding parking lots, maintaining an existing bike path path and bike shelter site, as well as proposing new logging and plantations.

Most importantly, in connection with the planned relocation of the Władysław Reymont Monument, it is necessary to develop the space after the monument and put a different distinctive feature to the name of the square.

Until April 2, Judge Złotoryja gave time to present questions, ideas, proposals, comments and opinions for the concept of developing pl. Raymont. Written requests, drawings, sketches or pictorial maps will be published on the city’s website. The office will respond to them by the end of April. After that, there will be two months to develop the concept and submit entries to the competition. The deadline here is June 30th.

The winners will be announced in the next two weeks – by July 16, the competition jury will evaluate the entries and select the best ones. The committee will include: a city council representative, an architect, an urban planner, and two councilors. Its deliberations must be confidential.

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The contest entries will be evaluated based on four criteria. The first is the concept’s architectural and urban values ​​as well as its functional and aesthetic appeal – it guarantees pl’s specificity. Raymont. The second is the functionality of the proposed solutions – here the possibility of using the space by many people of different ages, including the disabled, will be evaluated. The third criterion is the reality and quality of the solutions used. Project originality and innovation for specific items will be counted as well. In each of these four cases, you will be able to score between 0 and 10 points.

The Top Rated Concept will receive 3000. PLN Awards (This is the net amount). People who will take second and third places in the competition can also count on a cash reward – respectively 2 and 1000. PLN.