The PlayStation Producer shared the material showing off the quality of Dying Light 2 gameplay on PS5. Entering a world dominated by dangerous creatures, players can check out three modes. Techland’s production will include ray tracing on various consoles and computers.

There is still less and less time until the premiere of the new version of Dying Light. Thanks to the latest video, Sony has provided important information about the position. The PS5 game works in three different modes: performance (over 60 frames per second), ray tracing, and resolution (4K). Recipients will choose whether they prefer to pursue more accurate graphics, effective reflections, or opt for smooth gameplay.

Furthermore, select banners have been given the opportunity to show off the gameplay in Dying Light 2 – And so, for the first time, we can see what a Techland title looks like in players’ hands. The published material shows the PC version and it must be admitted that it looks really promising.

Online developers provide a part focused on a side mission, so there is no shortage of combat, stealth and effective movement around the area.

There is one fact worth paying attention to: Dying Light 2 will appear in exactly two weeks, while the Polish studio has already provided pre-release codes so that the authors of the material and journalists have the opportunity to learn about the production. It’s been a long time since you got to know the individual elements of the game. We’ve known for several days that it will take about 20 hours to complete the main story.