The creators of Wrocław are gearing up for the great premiere of Dying Light 2. The game will launch early next month, so today we can take a look at the official list of prizes. Achievement seekers will face some interesting challenges.

Techland has big plans to support Dying Light 2 and upcoming news will definitely include cross-play. The creators are currently preparing for the big debut, because at the beginning of next month all players will have a chance to see the title.

The team responsible for the game has made the trophies available to the database, so we can check out the attractions prepared by the developers. Among the Bronze Trophies, we will find a lot of challenges related to the story itself, but we can be sure that the title will offer players a comprehensive story – The golden jug “Your world, your rules” mentions knowing “what end”.

Players will have to activate the water tower, electrical substation, windmills, renovate the radio tower, or bring metro stations to order.

Techland has not forgotten the thieves’ camps that we will conquer, but during the adventure we will get a chance to help the survivors. Fans will fill in skill trees and the game will not run out of pools: “Collect 1,000,000 coins from the ancient world”, “Find all collectors’ notes”, “Find all collectibles” and “Discover all graffiti stamp collections” will make us run.

One cup requires coverage of “at least 960 km” and the other for players to fall from “at least 10,944 metres”. The situation is also characterized by combat challenges.

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You can find the full list of prizes On the Exophase website.