Studio Wrocław has released a new update for Dying Light 2 for Sony and Microsoft consoles. The developers took care of an important update, because they took care not only to eliminate bugs, but also to improve the experience of Xbox S Series S owners.

On Wednesday, Techland released a major update for Dying Light 2 on PC, and announced that the patch would soon arrive on consoles. We didn’t have to wait long because the patch had just arrived on more devices.

The creators once again took care of improvements in the case of story development, cooperation, Night Runner gadgets, combat, night balance, final clash, brutality pack or technical aspects, but at the same time they managed to take care of something important for Xbox S Series S owners.

The developers have benefited from feedback from fans and Developed a performance mode that allows you to roam a city full of infection at 60 frames per second on XSS.

The studio also added a “balanced” variant of the game on Xbox Series X, Which also focuses on rendering 60 frames per second, but perhaps in this case we can count on an improved frame compared to the smallest Xbox in history.

The latest version is now available on PlayStation and Xbokasch!

This patch fixes several issues reported by our players.

You can find a list of updated content on our website!

Thanks for your continued support!