Studio Wrocław seems quite sure about the premiere of Dying Light 2. The creators have just announced another event, thanks to which we will see 15 minutes of gameplay from the latest story developed by Techland.

Techland doesn’t let us forget about the Dying Light 2. Recently we were able to take a look at it Lots of playAnd Roger gave his impressions of the productionAnd even confirmations were given regarding the release date – apparently There is no chance to postpone the match again.

Today’s announcement is a definite confirmation of these last words – On December 2 at 21:00 there will be a broadcast of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, which will be entirely dedicated to the game. The event will be hosted by John Scott (to lend his voice to the main character of the game – Aiden Caldwell) and Streamer Leah.

Techland announced that this time we will see 15 minutes of pure gameplay, and those interested will receive additional information about the tasks and obstacles that await the main character in the adventure.

The studio will show, among other things, what monster fans will encounter as they explore the world or present a creative and brutal battle. In the broadcast, we’ll also look at an important detail about Dying Light 2 – how the city changes under the influence of player decisions.