Young drivers of the future will learn to drive with their parents or guardians. Experts say that this is the only way to professionalism. The government is betting on such changes, Rzeczpospolita reported on Friday.

The newspaper reported that the draft amendment to the road traffic law was added to the list of government legislative works. “You should be ready any month,” Rzeczpospolita says. “This is another idea to offer a greater degree of road safety.”

The project provides children and teenagers with rides with their parents, most often with their parents. Guardians must meet legal requirements. They must be good and confident drivers.

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Driving License. It will be possible to learn with parents

According to Tomas Matuszewski, deputy director of the Road Traffic Center in Warsaw, the more and better the care of a young driver, the higher the road safety. The lack of practical driving lessons remains a major problem.

People who will benefit from the support of their relatives (parents, guardians) during driving lessons have a chance to pass the test under favorable conditions. – The main point is that parents and guardians receive training in how to deal with a young man behind the wheel, and then secure such an activity – Matuszewsky notes.

The draft amendment assumes that the exam questions, their scenarios, scenarios and descriptions approved by the Minister of Infrastructure and the questions included in the exam exam will no longer constitute public information within the meaning of the September 6, 2001 Law on Access to Public Information. The questions are intended to test actual knowledge of the grammar, not to force memorized answers. The key is knowing the rules and regulations on the road.

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Rzeczpospolita states that the amendment will introduce unambiguously indicated errors made during the state driving test, which will lead to its immediate termination.

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