If you are amazed at how exciting the depiction of chess is in it Queen’s gambitWait to see Fossils Simon Stone and you’ll see how you can present the title of a wonderful archaeological excavation, and, in fact – ordinary digging into the ground.

One of the latest Netflix movies is a classic Period drama I am still looking for a suitable Polish alternative to this term, because “fashion cinema” is a concept that covers a slightly different type of film, and thus “period drama” seems imbalanced and confusing. Period drama Therefore, it is a kind of cinematic work that is set in the real period of the history of our world and reflects the atmosphere of that era in detail. Adapted from the novel by John Preston Fossils It tells the story of widow Edith Pretty (in a brilliant career, Carey Mulligan), who employs a local amateur archaeologist, Basil Brown (Ralph Fiennes), to dig piles of her possessions in Sutton Hoo, Suffolk. The lack of professional education in this field is very important in Mr. Brown’s case – he does not call himself an archaeologist, but calls himself a digger (he uses the word “excavator,” which we today refer to as … mechanical excavator), She approaches his “exceptional skills” with extreme humility. Luckily, however, Mrs. Pretty is a woman who can appreciate a professional, which is why Mr. Brown has a decent pay and, over time, a unique place in the lives of her manager and assertive son Robert (Excellent Archie Barnes).

The plot description makes this clear Fossils It is a movie for older ladies, preferably with passionately knitting Fourteen Kittens. Meanwhile, Simon Stone, who has so far only received a decent rating, worked return (2015), is not only a boring movie-reading book, but it completely captivates the viewer with its gray, beige, and brown world of the English countryside on the threshold of WWII. The story begins several weeks before the start of the most tragic global armed conflict in human history, and is a very important component of the plot. The uncertainty with which all of Britain, and even all of Europe, remains, makes the heroes look for any project in which they could lose themselves – as long as they do not think of the inevitable. While Mrs. Betty also has many other motives to start digging into her property – such as commemorating her deceased husband, who always wanted to know the story of a few mysterious piles – she has consciously chosen this moment. She, Mr. Brown and the entire neighborhood need it to escape the horrors of reality.


Fossils It’s a true big cinema – it takes on a very interesting story, but not a great one, Simon Stone proves that the amazing is a relative concept. With absolutely perfect portraits of Mike Elle, the pre-war English county looks gorgeous, despite the deeply soiled shadows. Mrs. Beatty’s mansion, especially with its mounds and faded greenery soaked in the rain, looks like Tolkien Shire’s most realistic home. At Sutton Hoo we might not find as much magic as in Peter Jackson, but we are unique – by all means. Exceptional, among other things, the relationships of heroes, approaching each other with absolute respect and devotion – Mrs. Preeti is an honest woman who does not break a certain word at once; Mr. Brown, on the other hand, is the noblest of working people – simple, though self-educated, with dirt under his nails, yet polite and kind, also to the son of an employer who shows extraordinary curiosity. Ralph Fiennes created a character everyone would like to know – Basil Brown is the kind of pre-war we’ve been talking about: Today they don’t make out like this …

Sure though Fossils Not among the most awaited movies of 2021, Simon Stone’s work turned out to be a true pearl in the first weeks of this year. With great creations by Carrie Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes, a great second plan (Archie Barnes, Johnny Flynn, Lily James) and an honest and original narration Fossils They touch the heart and speak to the viewer with the same strength that many great products don’t. A real big cinema.

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