The leader of the German Bundesliga – SC Dresdner – won the Amica Women’s Volleyball Cup for the fourth time in a row. The points and group tie between German teams means that for the first time in the tournament’s history, the winner has been determined by the result of the live match. Thus, the 16th edition of the Amika Cup, which took place from 10 to 12 September in the “Wacław” hall in Szamotuły, is on its way to history.

Due to the tie in the number of points and sets won by the two German teams, and for the first time in the history of the tournament, the result of the match held directly between the two teams was decisive. Here the volleyball players SC Dresdner won (3: 1) and thus became the champions of the 2021 Amica Cup. On the way to victory, they also defeated the DevelopRes Rzeszów team (3: 1), but lost to the volleyball players Grupa Azoty Chemik Police (1:3). Potsdam SC and Grupa Azoty Chemik Police took the next spots, with two wins each, with the last place going to DevelopRes Rzeszów volleyball players.

During the press conference before the start of the tournament, all coaches unanimously confirmed that the Amica Cup in Szamotuły is the best test before the start of the new season.

This tournament has been at a very high level for many years and has a good reputation. Participation in it distinguishes each team – said Marek Miiminski, Grupa Azoty Chemik Police Coach. Alexander Whipple, coach of the SC Dresdner winning team, spoke in a similar vein: – We feel good here every year and are happy to play against the best teams, whether from the German or Polish league – added.

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The Amica group, which has been supporting sports initiatives in Poland and abroad for many years, also this year became the main sponsor of the tournament in Szamotuły.

Sport embodies those qualities that are very close to us as well. It teaches cooperation, fair play, and victory, but also humility. And at Szamotuły we can get excited about sport at its best – said Michai Rakovsky, Board Member of Amica Group for Financial and Human Resources. – Big congratulations today to Mr. Ryszard Frikowiak, the tournament organizer who once again took care of its highest level. We are also keeping our fingers crossed on the players of this year’s games in the new league season – added.

The broadcast of the matches that took place in this year’s Amica Cup is available on YouTube Wielkopolska volleyball.

Amica Cup 2021 results:

Friday – September 10

  • SC Dresdner vs Potsdam SC: 3:1
  • Grupa Azoty Chemik . Police vs. DevelopRes Rzeszów: 3: 2

Saturday – September 11

  • SC Dresdner vs. DevelopRes Rzeszów: 3:1
  • Potsdam SC Against Grupa Azoty Chemik Police 3: 1

Sunday – September 12:

  • Potsdam SC vs. DevelopRes Rzeszów: 3:1
  • Grupa Azoty Chemik . Police SC Dresdner Match: 3:1





SC Dresdner




Potsdam SC




Grupa Azoty Chemik . Police




Developres Rzeszów