Gardens of Dreams

In the station program HGTV “Dream Gardens” Two hardworking and very creative sisters who teach viewers how to take care of them Gardens and small plots. They also show how to arrange a green space next to the house to be functional and beautiful at the same time. Their creativity knows no bounds, so each episode of the show is filled with inspiration and tips that can be useful to anyone who has a home garden and wants to change its look. Olga Zarmash and Isabella Bjorkoska They know how to create modern green spaces, which is why they encourage HGTV viewers to make amazing garden changes and experiences.

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Gardens of Dreams. How do you arrange a vegetable corner at home?

In one episode of the program “Dream Gardens”, we met the Gruszczyński family of four, who dream of a functional garden in which they can grow. special vegetables. Parents would like to show their children the source of natural products that are full of vitamins. However, creative facilitators decide to give them something more. They design a space It can accommodate both a vegetable garden and a seating area for the whole family. The garden is small, so they decided to put the seedlings on the original flower bed made of a ladder.

Usually not associated with a ladder يرتبط plant stand. We decided to remodel it and give it a new function – a flower bed and a shelf. We can invent things for ourselves, find and change things of all kinds at home, and give them a new life

One of the sisters encourages the use of creative solutions. Then the leaders go to work and get started planting plants In the original corner of a small gardener. With ingenious space management, the small space can accommodate both a dream plant garden and a set of garden furniture for a family of four.

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Gardens of Dreams on HGTV and on Player

a program “Dream Gardens” You can quickly follow the air of the station HGTV. All classes of the program are available on the website player.

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