What will happen in the eighth episode of “Down the Road”? Our heroes decided to surprise Przymek Kusakovsky, which would almost cry. There will also be conflict between boys and girls. Shimon will surprise everyone with his culinary talent.

Down the Road – Episode 8. – Summary

Although program participants usually do not like to wake up in the morning, this time it is different. The group noticed clutter in the car and decided to surprise Przemek Kusakovsky and clean it. This task was taken care of by the male part, and the girls went to the city in search of Greek ornaments. When Przemek saw the changed car and received a special gift, he hardly hid his feelings.

In exchange for this beautiful morning Przemek Kossakowski also decided to prepare a surprise. On the way to this, a discussion erupted about the role of women and men in the relationship, so we witnessed another clash in the “war” of worldview between men and women. It turns out that An attraction prepared by Przymic is cooking together. With the preparation of Greek specialties Szymon did the best job, which amazed everyone and was hailed as a Masterchef.

On the Road – Episode 8. When and where are you watching?

Viewers will be able to watch Episode 8 of “Down the Road” on Sunday, April 12th. 22:00 on TTV. This episode will be broadcast on TTV four times next week:

  • April 13 (Tuesday) 23:45
  • April 16 (Friday) 02:20
  • April 17 (Saturday) 07:45
  • April 18 (Sunday) 10:00

every one of them Program episodes Also available on the Player.pl platform After purchasing the subscription.

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