What will we see in Episode 9 of “Down the Road”? Our heroes continue their journey through beautiful Greece. Participants set out to learn to dive together. At the end of the day, Przemek Kossakowski will unexpectedly receive the separation grave from the program.

Down the Road – Episode 9 – Summary

Greek weather was good for Down The Road. No wonder the next attraction awaiting our team was water related. Przymek Kusakovsky decided to take the participants to the scuba diving lessons, but not everyone liked it. Some of the heroes admitted that they did not feel comfortable in the water and cheered for the rest from a safe distance.

While refueling the car, Przemek for the first time that day felt how close he was to the heroes of the programWho started joking about him the way they joke around with their close friends. The Down the Road team also spent the evening beside the water, but this time by the hotel’s beautiful pool. It turned out to be a rumor Playing puns isn’t enough for everyone. Przemek was not prepared for the high expectations of his comrades, who first threatened to dismiss their jokes, and then searched his room.

Down the Road – Episode 9. When and where is he watching?

Episode 9 of “Down the Road” viewers will be able to watch on Sunday, April 18th. 22:00 on TTV. A replay of this episode will be broadcast on TTV, four times next week:

  • April 20 (Tuesday) 23:45
  • 23 Kuwaitia (BTEC) 01:05
  • April 24 (Saturday) 07:45
  • April 25 (Sunday) 10:00

All episodes of the program Also available on the Player.pl platform After purchasing the subscription.

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