Don Vassil talked about Vicki Gabor. The 14-year-old winner of the Eurovision children’s competition has Romanian roots, but in her work she does not refer to the traditions of her ancestors. The famous singer does not like her but she is carrying another Polish singer to heaven.

Vicky Gabor She reached the final stage in the second edition of “The Voice Kids”, then won the Eurovision Song Contest for Children 2019. Her debut album “Getaway (Into My Imagination)” became a ticket to a brilliant career, and Viki became a worthy successor to Roksana Węgiel and one of the The most promising singers of the younger generation.

14-year-old Victoria was born in Hamburg to a Polish family of Romanian descent. The singer mentioned this fact from the very beginning in the interviews and emphasized that the Roma language is one of her first languages. Returning from Great Britain, where she spent seven years, she moved to Krakow and began studying at a music school there. However, there were times when the young star heard about herself that she was not a real Polish woman.

It was sad. Someone wrote that I was pretending to be Polish. I never pretended to do so. I’m Polish like Roma. I live in Poland and I speak Polish. And I am not ashamed of the original gypsy. (…) I really respect my gypsy origins and the traditions in which I was raised. This is really important to me – Commented on a conversation with Thuraya.

Vicky Gabor Slammed by Don Vassil

Unfortunately, not all Roma identify themselves with the young singer on an equal footing. Don Fasilthe famous singer and animator of the culture of Rome in Poland, when asked about Gabor, lamented that her repertoire and image had nothing to do with the traditions of Rome.

It has completely deviated from our roots. Even a person does not know whether it is Rumka or not. It doesn’t show it’s romka at all. And in design, in all his clothes, and in music. None of us are there – He said “fact”.

The songs of Victoria, which – as he said – “do not stand out in any way”, do not appeal to the king of Rome’s songs. Among the Polish female artists of Romanian descent, Don Vassil is valued the most Edita Gorniak And he does not hide that he would like to create a musical duet with her.

I would like to record an album with Edita Half Rumka. If a publisher is found, I accept it without hesitation. Edita sang with me at the Rome Festival and she knows this culture that she sometimes escaped in her shows – said Don Vassil, who once sang on stage with Jean, father of Edita Gurniak, of gypsy origin.

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