May 19, 2022, 5:00 p.m.

Few of you like souls? Massive Work Studio has released another representative of this trend. Dolmen combines elements of the well-known and respected Dark Souls with a bit of Dead Space. Interesting concept, but nothing else.

I did not rely on dolmena. Where did my fear come from? Because of all the “fakes” souls I just basically liked him Nioh. It’s kind of hard. It is easy to spoil the balance, create an unpleasant combat system or overly complex locations. Many authors also forget to put a larger part of themselves, so similar products often suffer from overgrowth.

dolmen Don’t try anything new. We already had SF in this sub-genre, there was also shooting, crafting and bringing bosses back to life so we could have an extra fight with them. So the game is almost the same as any other spirit-like actor. At the same time So many things he does a little worseAlthough the beginning did not announce it. For the first few hours, I thought it wasn’t bad. Until the moment I met the first more important boss, who was able to kill me even with one blow – with a full health bar. Add to that all the flaws in the character’s hit chest, extended stamina regeneration, and battle duration. As a result, we will get a very frustrating experience.

Previously, nothing had prepared me for such an increase in difficulty level. Each of the previous bosses allowed them to make mistakes and gave them time to strike more than one blow. In the middle of the game, it became even more difficult, because a certain opponent not only had the ability to kill with one attack, but also forced them to dodge forever. As a result, my character no longer had the strength to respond. And so for a good few minutes. Balance? What a balance, it must be hard!

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This is very good Exploration turned out to be a lot of fun. Partly because you don’t have to fight in hand-to-hand combat with many groups of enemies. We can kill them from a distance, because then they do not react and wait patiently for their turn (artificial intelligence is not the smartest). Shooting looks fun too, although it disappoints me a bit as it’s just an accessory. Especially when it comes to bosses. Some sites are technically good, but again the charts average – which shouldn’t be surprising either.

finally dolmen It is nothing more than the reproductive middle class with serious balance problems. In a fit of frustration, I told myself this game was a complete failure. However, there are things here that have achieved the greatest possible success. The creator’s balance can still be improved, and we also have a very interesting exploration, correct shooting model, fatigue-free music and a design that you may like. It’s nice that the game is short (the timer showed me 20 hours), but on the other hand, the lack of NG + mode may disappoint those interested. After completing the main plot, the only thing left is to clear the world of collectibles or start the game again with a different category. not much.

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Dolmen game review


  1. Very successful shooting and exploration;
  2. short playing time
  3. Sometimes artistic style and fun music.


  1. Another poor representative of this trend;
  2. weak artificial intelligence of opponents;
  3. broken balance
  4. Little content.

Final Rating: 5.5 / 10

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