2021 is a very difficult year for Poles who live in Great Britain. But Brexit is not the one that has made immigrant lives more difficult than before. Successive closures have hampered the British economy. There is more and more talk of changing moods among Poles living in Great Britain, but it was the publication of “I Promote a New Normal” in Great Britain that sparked a real debate on the Internet.

Brexit and lockdown – shutdown of the British economy

“We have effects, we have no reasons” – this is what the author of the film says about the situation in Great Britain, thus provoking the inhabitants of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to speak. During the week, the film received more than 181,000 views and nearly 1,200 comments, and the author of the film was called “The Voice of the Polish Community in the UK”.

Not only are the new UK labor standards discussed in the movie, ridiculous. The level of wage required means that immigrants who work in dishwashing machines, even in the professions of teachers or nurses, will not have the opportunity to come, work and live in dignity these days. However, if they were already living in the UK and sending parcels to their families in Poland, they now faced new procedures, customs bureaucracy and costs. A viewer Bartosh NowakovskyCommented on the new reality:

Parcels from / to family “good”. As part of my own business, I imported materials for work myself, but the pallets carrying my goods have been at the border since last year … Thanks Boris! “[pisownia oryginalna – przyp.red]

I am promoting the new normality in Great Britain – watch the video:

Poles are quickly adjusting to the new realities of life in the UK

Britain’s exit from the European Union has added to the global pandemic, which has resulted in many Poles losing their jobs, some turning to vacations and waiting for what to do next, but a large portion have used the crisis to make changes.

Commentary movie Pima 1 he wrote:

I have ordered reagents for production from a manufacturer in UK, after the last order I found replacements in Germany at BASF because there are no problems with clearance and the goods are available in 4 days. I wonder how many companies have done like my country. I wonder what time the UK will start choking on the Brexit vomit [pisownia oryginalna – przyp.red]

To conclude from the comments under the film, although immigration in the UK is objectively difficult, Poles are mainly joking about the new reality and most of them will not leave for the time being. However, they do not fully believe in official BBC or Sky News media coverage. But here, too, the Poles see advantages compared to the Polish reality. Internet user Patrico Sum up:

They are at least asking uncomfortable questions on UK TV.

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