Although Hugh Laurie was the star of “Doctor House”, today passers-by do not recognize him on the street. This is how a famous actor has changed over the years!

Hugh Laurie has proven that as one of Britain’s greatest actors he can change the beyond recognition. It was hard to believe that a few years later, Stuart Mallewtke’s warm and caring father would become the cynical Doctor House who struggled with depression and opiate addiction. Thanks to the role of a genius – though he was also hated by many – he won two Golden Globes, three People’s Choice Crystal Statues, and either the Film Actors Guild of America or the Satellite Awards. The drama series about the life of Dr. Gregory House has been watched by millions of viewers around the world and to this day has many fans who return to this production from time to time. However, today the famous Hugh Laurie seems so unrecognizable by passers-by on the streets. No one expected such a transformation of the actor. See for yourself.

The star of “Doctor House” is unrecognizable today! This is how Hugh Laurie has changed

Hugh Laurie will celebrate his 63rd birthday in June. But this year it will be 10 years since the premiere of the last episode of the series “Doctor House”, thanks to which the British actor gained great popularity. It turns out that the artist has undergone a shocking transformation since then. Recently, Hugh Laurie went for a walk with his dog in a London park and was seen by the paparazzi. As you can see from the photos, the star is in no way similar to Gregory House.

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It is not surprising that fewer and fewer recognize the British actor. Hugh Laurie walks in the park with a long gray beard and slightly curved figure. The star has clearly gotten older over the past few years. In the pictures, you can also see tufts of gray hair sticking out from under a blanket of wool. It is not yet known whether the change of hairstyle and thick stubble is a change of image or an element of preparation for a new role.

Hugh Laurie doesn't look like Dr. House anymore

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Notably, Hugh Laurie was awarded the titles of Officer of the Order of the British Empire and Commander of the Order of the British Empire for his contribution to the drama. The talented actor is also a jazz musician. In 2016, he released the album “Let Them Talk” produced by Warner Music Group.

Hugh Laurie is 63 years old

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Thanks to his main role in the series “Doctor House”, the British actor ranked third in the list of the highest-grossing stars of American television in 2009. He earned $400,000 for one episode. Due to the growing popularity of the production, he had to quit the movie “Superman: Return”.

Hugh Laurie is unrecognizable after transformation

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Do you recognize Hugh Laurie today?

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