In 2005, 4-year-old Zoe Roth went for a walk with her father. At one point, a house on fire caught their attention and a team of firefighters put out the flames. Father Zoe decided to capture this moment with his camera. Three years later, a photo of a girl with a burning building in the background was posted on the Internet, which instantly became an Internet phenomenon and a popular meme. The photo has been shared more than ten million times and found its way to hundreds of forums and websites.

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“Distaster Girl”, because that’s the name of the famous cast, didn’t bring Zoe any benefits. Well, maybe aside from the undoubted fame in the online benefit world. This, however, has just changed. The 20-year-old decided to fight to regain control of her image.

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NFT codes to the rescue

Zoe Roth used NFT for this, which has gotten quite loud in recent months. About what NFT actually is I wrote more in this text. In short, it is about digital tokens, the purchase of which allows us to become the owners of a digital good or part of it. When purchasing an NFT token, we receive an encryption certificate confirming the transaction.

Catastrophic girl Catastrophic girl

Zoe posted a popular photo in the form of an NFT icon. The online auction started on April 16th. Two days later, one of them showed z“Disaster girl” 180 Etherów (One of the most popular cryptocurrencies), Which gives in PLN an amount in excess of 1.6 million PLN. Moreover, it is expected that Ruth will also receive it in the future 10 percent commission on resale of NFT token with a photo.

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At this point, it is worth noting that purchasing the NFT token does not give us “power” over a particular commodity. It also does not prevent others from seeing, reading, or listening to it. The person who paid 1.6 million PLN for a photo of 4-year-old Zoe Roth can’t hide it from anyone now. Anyone can see this meme. Well, we can save this file to disk. However, the winner of the auction is the owner of the photo. It has a ‘sakk’, that is, a digital certificate stored on the blockchain network.

“The first 5,000 days” Photo:

Zoe Roth is another guy who made a lot of money thanks to NFT. However, tokens have been purchased in recent weeks for much higher amounts. In March, online artist Beeple sold his complex Ever Days: The First 5,000 Days At $ 69 million. Twitter boss Jack Dorsey sold his first entry on the platform for 2.9 million Dollars.