Many of us may still keep our first old computers in basements and storage rooms. Good desktop computers, which often run on older systems, are no longer very suitable for modern work and games. Despite this, they can still prove they are useful to us. We advise on how to use it.

Recent years have proven that the fashion for old games never goes away. An old-fashioned but practical computer is perfect for the fast-paced jumps of youthful times. All you have to do is clean the inner sheath of dust, then install a system that we associate with moments of carefree play. If you also have CDs or floppy disks from those years, nothing prevents you from playing them on old, specially prepared equipment.

The database of games and programs that run on old computers can also be easily found on the Internet. Products like DOOM or Wolfenstein 3D are available in free custom editions. In extreme cases, we can always use something called a simulation.

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