If you think that it is better to sleep alone, because no one will disturb you, wake you up or snore, then you may be wrong. Recent research has shown just how important it is to have another person at night.

By embracing Morpheus, we may not realize that our brain is completely inseparable from the outside world. Though our thoughts jump on the clouds, Part of our consciousness is still awake. In this way, we can wake up when we hear an abnormal sound. However, we are not alarmed when our brain receives well-known cues, such as a family member’s footsteps, bed creaking or snoring.

Is it better to sleep alone or with someone?

It may seem to us that it is best for our well-being sleeps alone. After all, no one is going to push us, take the quilt, or snore under the ear. However, science shows something completely different. The results of the study were presented for the first time at the annual event of the affiliated professional sleep societies. More than 1,000 people from the United States of working age participated in the experiment. The results showed that whoever sleeps next to him has an effect on him How do we feel when we wake up.

Compared to people who sleep aloneParticipants who shared a bed with their partner reported less fatigue The ability to fall asleep faster And sleep longer. Furthermore, it turned out that people in this group scored lower on depression, anxiety, and stress than those who slept alone.

Sleeping with your partner or spouse shows tremendous health benefits to sleep, including reduced risk of obstructive sleep apnea, worsening insomnia, and overall improved sleep quality.

Says psychiatrist Brandon Fuentes of the University of Arizona.

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Interestingly enough, limited research on this topic has shown that Couples don’t just synchronize their movements while sleeping, but also your sleep stages. It was found that couples who sleep in the same bed have a 10% increase in REM sleep, and their sleep Sleep is interrupted less frequently of sleeping alone.

But that doesn’t mean you sleep with anyone It will improve the quality of our sleep. Research has shown that people who sleep regularly with their children are more likely to fall asleep victim of insomnia From people who sleep alone.

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