65 percent of eligible teachers reported coronavirus vaccinations within just three days of enrollment. The vaccination starts Friday, February 12th – teachers in grades 1-3 of elementary and private schools will use it first. It is already known that distance learning will continue at least until the end of February.

According to the Ministry of Education and Science, 268,000 volunteers are vaccinated against the Coronavirus. Or 65 percent. authorized. Eligible people include teachers of grades 1-3 from elementary schools, private schools, kindergarten teachers, and even teachers. The records lasted only three days.

The Ministry of National Education announced that re-examination of teachers for the presence of the Coronavirus is underway – and teachers from grades 1-3 of primary and private schools also have priority here.

Michał Dworczyk announced, “On Monday, February 15th, at 8:00 am, we have started registering for vaccinations for other teachers, including academic teachers.” “We encourage teachers to apply for vaccinations,” said the head of the Ministry of National Education, Przemislav Kzarnik (behind the main photo).

3 million were vaccinated by the end of March

Conducting a vaccination campaign among teachers is a necessary condition for school opening – currently, full-time education is only conducted in grades 1-3. The need to provide care for children during distance learning at home means that many parents are unable to return to work.

The Ministry of National Education announced, Thursday, that schools and institutions operate according to the current rules, at least until the end of February.

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“We are implementing the national vaccination program despite the delay or decrease in births. Minister Michao Durczyk said during Thursday’s press conference that our assumptions assume there will be turmoil on the part of the producers.

We will vaccinate nearly 3 million people by the end of March, and more than 2 million by the end of February

– The Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff announced.

Minister Dworczyk admitted that the vaccination system “has much greater potential,” but that the supply of vaccines from its manufacturers presents constraints. “Compared to the European Union, our data is good. Poland is the second largest country in the European Union.”