The head of MEiN’s Guest Events program was asked if there was any point in going back to school six weeks before the summer break. He admitted that this question is incomprehensible to him, because “we hear everywhere that distance learning, although it is necessary, still generates educational, educational and psychological problems.” He also noted that it was not just a six-week comeback, as some students had returned to institutions even earlier, in hybrid mode.

Przemys³aw Czarnek on distance learning

According to Minister Czarnik, it was not possible to repeat the entire school year due to the epidemic, and young people and children should not be punished in this way just because they found themselves in a difficult situation. The head of the ministry indicated that the state has developed the national program to support Bokovid. Offers support classes to all students outside of grades 1-3.

These lessons are at the disposal of school principals. In each, principals and teachers will decide whether to start or wait until September, when they become aware of the students’ needs. We have 10 hours per class, in every school in grades 4-8 and in all high school grades

He said.

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However, Przemislav Kzarnik noted that remote lessons were not just a “teaching doll”, and such a statement was harmful to both students and teachers.

It was definitely very ineffective. It is impossible to pass on knowledge to students through webcams, the same knowledge we pass on directly. Hence, we made changes to the requirements for grade 8 and the Matura exams, as one of the first European countries. These changes are preserved for the next year, because we will not make up for everything in one year. I am convinced that these years are not wasted years, but years in need of support, and we provide that support.

– he added.

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The Minister of Education and Science also touched on the issue of vaccinations for children. He said that they can be kept in schools, and for this purpose one can use gyms and offices, for example doctors or dentists, which are in institutions. Vaccinations must be optional.

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