Education Minister Przemyslav Czarnik said on Monday that fixed education may return to all schools faster. – Everything will depend on the burden on health services and health services – he added.

distance learning It is valid in secondary schools and pupils in grades five to eight of primary school until February 28, i.e. the end of the winter break. In TVP Info, the head of the Ministry of Education and Science was asked if all students will return to full-time education after the winter break.

As he pointed out, “From the beginning, we want students to study stationery.” – now for omicron And with infection rates rising, we decided to use distance learning by the end of the winter break, he said Przemyslav Czarnik.

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“If the indicators are more optimistic and the fifth wave passes faster, there is a possibility that we will make decisions about returning to school sooner than February 28,” he noted. Minister Czarnik explained that everything will depend on how the fifth wave will affect our health and health services, and how destabilizing the social and economic life of our country will be.

At the same time, he believed that students will return to full-time teaching in February, which will continue until the end of the school year. He stressed that he “protests the phrase lost generation.” “This is very harmful for those children, teens and teachers who are doing a tremendous amount of distance learning work,” he said.

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In the opinion of the head of MEiN, “This is a generation deprived of COIVD-19 and distance learning, which is why we have maintained full-time education for the coming months and are also maintaining it for 1 million and 600 thousand students younger than from first grade to fourth grade.”

The Minister indicated that during the previous calendar year, three additional hours per week were organized in almost all institutions, around the topics and activities proposed by the school principals and the teachers themselves. – The minister said – the vast majority of students have attended these lessons for nearly four months. He noted that the chapters were paid from the state budget in the amount of PLN 187 million.

He announced that a similar program will be proposed in the coming months after children and youth return from their winter holidays. He also noted the establishment of sports clubs throughout the country, which carry out additional activities aimed at rebuilding the physical health of children and adolescents. – Magdalena Gronic