When it comes time to discern what is most important in life, what you want to do, and how to plan ahead – it’s a good idea to stop. This is what the Petanque sisters suggest to the girls.

During the retreat, many of the Bethany sisters discovered their invitation to Bethany. When they offered remembrance to Jesus, he opened their hearts to receive the gift of calling. And that’s what Retreat is all about, Coming in, open your heart to Jesus and let Him fill it to the brim with His love.

For many girls, the time of solitude is also a time to present the difficulties of Jesus in their daily lives, to seek understanding and a spiritual companion, so we give them this space and take them under their wings – confirms Sister Cassia.

Sister Daria, who discovered her vocation while being alone, also shares her experience of participating in the resort. I really wanted to deepen my relationship with Jesus and get to know Him. This was a holy hunger for God in me. Where do I know God? Well, in the people, here, in the community of the retreat and the spiritual accompaniment of the sisters, in his word and in the sacraments, the solitude is based on it. It was definitely a space that helped me go deeper, recognize myself in the eyes of Jesus and take his hand! At the moment, as a sister who is involved in organizing the retreat, the joy of accompanying is above all, being a sister who wants to support the girls and lead them to Jesus, says Sister Daria.

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The next retreat will be held in Lublin from May 20-22 at the sisters’ house on Jana Bavua II Street. Their theme will be “Acumen, Resolution, Sincerity”. Ready to apply by writing to the address [email protected]




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