• This year’s drought and heat have destroyed a large percentage of the Christmas trees in the US state of Oregon, which is famous for its production.
  • In order to save Christmas trees for the holidays, farm owners had to implement new solutions. They use, among other things, special feeders and implants a few months earlier than usual
  • However, there is a fear that these treatments will not be enough, and that Christmas tree plantations must disappear as climate change continues.
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Heat over 40-45°C and prolonged dryness It had a deadly effect on Christmas trees. Larry Ryerson, who owns a 10-acre farm, lost 4.5 thousand. the trees.

The weather destroyed millions of trees. Farm owners are trying to protect Christmas trees

“The worst summer in memory”, With record high temperatures, drought and wildfires, the entire state of Oregon has been devastated Millions of trees. Most of them were seedlings only. The population understands this in terms of progressivism Climate change , The aura will be less and less friendly and They need to take concrete steps to be able to continue their work.

Said Dana Fru, co-owner of Furrow Farm in Hillsboro, Oregon.

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Manufacturers suggest that Vegetation crops or try species that are more resistant to harsh conditions weather. Some have already planted trees in the fall and used special feeders to take care of them. They did it a few months earlier than usual. They hope that thanks to the winter rains, if the hot, dry summer returns again, the trees will survive. However, the owners agree that if the situation recurs, they run the risk of catastrophe:

Tom Norby, president of the Oregon Christmas Tree Producers Association and owner of a farm, said his Christmas trees this year were saved by Planting grass around them, which not only absorbs heat, but also retains moisture in the soil. However, Norby believes that these are only temporary measures, as they may be necessary in the future Move crops far north.

Photo: TFoxFoto / Getty Images

Christmas tree farm in Oregon

Breeders note that Most of the damage to Christmas trees this year is for seedlings, so the losses haven’t affected turnover yet. Profits are similar or slightly lower, although trees are sold at slightly higher prices. Chal Landgren of the Oregon State University Extension notes this Christmas trees ripen for about 6-10 years, So we are only close to a decade where we will see a potential gap in this year’s losses.

It was the same in Great Britain

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This year’s Oregon incident isn’t the first time Christmas trees have experienced bad weather. According to CNN, The unusually hot and dry summer in Europe in 2018 led to similar situations, particularly in Wales. Then it was destroyed A third of all Christmas trees. As Rob Morgan, the owner of the tree farm, said, the young seedlings, which were literally “Scorched by the sun.”

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