Justin Chadwick (“Tulip Fever”) became one of two directors of the fantasy film “Untamed”. The project is a joint production of China and Great Britain.

Chadwick will be responsible for the set of parts filmed in England. The second director, from China, will perform the segment, which is being filmed in Shanghai. The name of the Chinese creator has not been revealed. Filming will begin in London in October. Only after its completion will work begin on the set in Shanghai. Then both directors will work together while editing to create a single work.

The tamer will depend on Zhu Shenghao’s life. He is best known for translating all of Shakespeare’s works into Chinese by himself. The plot structure, in turn, will be inspired by “The Taming of the Shrew” and will take place on three time plans.

The first will be in the 1890s and the story of Shakespeare, who fights adversity to lead the play “The Taming of the Shrew.”

The second will be the 1930s and the story of the poet and dictionary translator Zhou Shenghao. When the Japanese entered the city, he embarked on the seemingly impossible – translating all of Shakespeare’s works into Chinese.

The third plan will be Modern Years and the story of Fan, who dreams of distracting people from smartphone screens and reminding them of the abundance of experiences that books with beautiful classic texts provide.

The star Zhang Chao (“1921”) plays Zhu Shenghao.