Thanks to the cooperation of our school with AFS Polska, not only Jalo, but also Yasna had the opportunity to come to our country. Yasna is in grade 2a. We took the opportunity, and decided to ask our guest what made him find himself in this part of Europe. Read what he thinks about our school community and how he found himself in a completely new place for himself, Poland.

– Hello, tell us your name, where are you from and how did you get here?

Hi everyone, my name is Yasna Ramirez. I come from Chile for the annual exchange to Poland with the AFS programme. My school in Chile gave me a scholarship to study abroad and that’s how I ended up here.

– What surprised you the most when you came to Poland?

– Definitely the language. Too difficult for me. Learning it was quite a challenge, but I was learning it gradually.

– How do you like our school?

– I like it very much. My class is very nice to me and so are the teachers.

During your studies at our school, did you like any subject more than others? Or maybe you also have a favorite teacher?

– I like PE more, and my favorite teacher is Mr. Tomasz Szkudliński, because he speaks French to me, and French is similar to Spanish.

– Since we have already dealt with the topic of education, tell us what are the differences between the education system in Poland and Chile? What surprised you the most here?

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The beginning of the school year was the biggest surprise for me. School starts in September, while in Chile we start school in March and end in December. As per the education system of my country, I am in my last year of school i.e. November 2022. I will write my matriculation certificate so that I can enter the university. In addition, wearing a school uniform is mandatory in my school, and here everyone can wear whatever they like. This is awesome! I think that the education system in Poland is neither more difficult nor easier. The language was also a big surprise, which turned out to be quite a challenge, so it was very difficult for me to learn. However, I learned everything gradually with the help of my professors and classmates.

– exactly! Many foreigners claim that Polish is one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world, so we were surprised that you wanted the interview to be in Polish instead of English. Have you been in contact with the Polish language before or have you just started learning it here?

– I never communicated with your language before. I only started learning Polish during the exchange.

– You speak our language well after less than a year in this country! It is very impressive. The end of the school year is fast approaching. And so, your stay, both in Coopers and Poland, is about to end … Tell us – if there was such an opportunity, would you come to Poland again?

– I must admit that at first I was a little afraid of what awaited me here. After all, I did not know your country or your language … But on the other hand, this trip was a dream come true for me. Of course I will repeat this adventure and come back to Poland again. It was the best experience of my life! I’ve made a lot of friends and I have my second Polish family here

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