Krishina Simanowska was very happy when, in August of this year, they received a humanitarian visa in Poland. As it turned out, her life in our country is associated with many inconveniences. An athlete from Belarus posted an honest entry.

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Kressin Simanoska

PAP / Andrzej Lange / Pictured: Kryscina Cimanouska

Kryscina Cimanouska has been living in Poland since August of this year. She moved to Warsaw with her husband, Arseń Zdaniewicz. Living here allows the Belarusian runner to continue her sporting career.

Despite this, Cimanouska is not entirely happy. She just posted a long post on Instagram in which she introduced what her life on the Vistula River is like. It is a life under constant supervision that begins with athlete fatigue.

Simanuska and her husband have bodyguards who watch them 24 hours a day.

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“At first we thought it was fun. I can say now – it’s tough. Of course all measures have been taken for our safety, we really appreciate that and will follow protocol for as long as necessary,” she wrote on social media.

The player mentioned the beginnings of her stay in Poland. “It was almost impossible for us to leave the house – only to attend very important meetings,” she added.

Kryscina Cimanouska admitted that after some time nothing has changed. “It sounds funny, but we even walk the dog with protection. Now I dream about very simple things, I miss meeting friends, shopping, walking around the city” – she wrote.

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Even the Russian portal “Russia Today” reported its entry. However, this should not be surprising, because a couple of months ago the Belarusian became famous in the media all over the world. It all started in early July and August during the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Union activists from her country decided to put her in the 4x400m relay race. The 100m and 200m runners criticized their decision. And the regime’s media launched a campaign against it. In addition, they wanted to force the player to return to the country.

Semanoska reported it to the Tokyo police. In the Japanese capital, she asked for protection. At first, she thought about applying for asylum in Austria or Germany, but in the end it was Poland that helped her. And the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced, in early August, that the Belarusian woman had obtained a humanitarian visa.

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