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Used Windows keys are okay as long as they come from legal sources, and this can be different – according to German police findings.

The controversy over inexpensive activation keys purchased online legally or not is back in the background. Although CJEU was acquitted in 2016 of two Latvians accused of left-wing software trade, Aleksandrs Ranks and Jurijs Vasilevicz.

According to what was reported by the daily newspaper Tarnkappe.infoGerman services have begun questioning people who had bought cheap Windows keys as witnesses, among others on eBay. Some of the purchases are confirmed to be 11 years old, so it’s a really comprehensive measure. Unfortunately, officers have the right to apply for a search warrant, thereby confiscating the discs found, even though they are not liable for a criminal charge.

Not a license, but a commercial law

What is it actually about? – Someone will ask. Well, once the court decides that the legal buyer of the software can resell it with the license. Anyway, just like any other item. However, you must be able to identify the personal data of the original user and obtain from him all necessary ownership rights to the software, which could be different. Automatic notification from auction site is not document.

According to the reports submitted, the Germans put forward the hypothesis that at least some of the cheap licenses are a link in the money laundering chain. And since the sale is taking place without the necessary formalities, there is also a breach of the commercial law. It seems that they want to prosecute the culprits.

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At the same time, all signs in the sky indicate that this is not an exclusively German thread. Last year, the editor was contacted by a reader who took a call to a local order after he bought Windows 7 from a popular auction site with a fake Certificate of Authenticity (COA) as it turns out. Of course, the police are only involved in a small percentage of such cases, but even so, we hear from time to time about the actions taken.

It should be noted, however, that the campaign took place in Germany Against piracy It appears to be gaining momentum. Attorney Tobias Clanner already registered in January 2020 A few minutes a videoIn it, he explains how to act in the hearings regarding suspicious licenses.