June 26, 2022, 4:35 pm

The delay in the premiere of Diablo Immortal in China may be the result of an unfortunate provocative post on social media. He was allegedly targeting Xi Jinping – the country’s leader.

maybe delay the first show Immortal Diablo In China, which we wrote a few days ago, It could have a second bottom. Chinese Reddit username ShiftYourCarcass subscriber Today’s post is described in English – based on the post in Chinese Article – Commodity from – What was really going to happen.

political error

In his words, a member of the marketing team Immortal Diablowho had access to the game’s official social media accounts, wrote a post from one of them saying, “Why >> Kubuś< الدب لا يترك منصبه؟" (لماذا >> Winnie << The bear is out of the office yet? "). “Bear” means alleged Xi Jinping – Leader of Chinawho has been the general secretary for nearly a decade From the Chinese Communist PartyAnd stayed in 2018 shown By Forbes magazine as the world’s most powerful man.

The word “Winnie” is of course a reference to the title character from the novel Winnie the Pooh (Winnie the Pooh) by A.A. Milne, first published in 1926.

Diablo Immortal was supposed to get

Xi Jinping in 2019. Image source: Wikipedia / Adnilton Farias (VPR).


It is not clear whether the alleged fasting is a clear provocation, Whether its author forgot to switch to another accountbefore putting it online. More importantly, the entry gained “popularity” very quickly in China and It was treated as a mockery of the politician.

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Possible consequences

This was what was supposed to cause a ‘delayed premiere’ Immortal Diablo in the Middle Kingdom. The incident allegedly affected the studio responsible for the game NeteaseWhich – as the rumor says – received a three-year “ban” from posting its products there. ShiftYourCarcass speculates that if this is true, it could backfire too Diablo IVAnd the Monitor 2 And the World of Warcraft: Dragonflightand the company Activision Blizzard Have to change a colleague.

A “gift” from the United States?

Interestingly enough, the word “Bush” highlighted in red in the screenshot below means this This post was written in the United States – Probably by someone not from China.

Diablo Immortal was supposed to get

Source: Reddit / ShiftYourCarcass.

In addition, it is worth bearing in mind that The reports in this news have not yet been confirmedHence, the premiere was delayed Immortal Diablo In fact, it could have caused the need to adapt the game to more devices and improve its optimization, as announced in the official announcement of the developer. Therefore, I advise you to handle this information from a distance.