March 29, 2022, 12:54

Diablo for mobile will be launching faster than we think. Here’s what fans of the series are saying based on the creators’ recent activity.

release day Immortal Diablo featured in App Store, but after a while it was removed. A user of the portal reddit However, I released a screenshot indicating that We can expect the match on June 30, 2022.

Diablo Immortal release date leaked;  Blizzard claims to be a placeholder - Clarification #1

Photo posted by Clean-Yam923 on Reddit.

Blizzard replied For the case that arose:

To be clear, users who take advantage of early registration on iOS and iPadOS may notice that the launch is scheduled for June 30. We want to confirm that This date is only an alternative term.

The creators also announced that after all plans are approved, the game will be announced in full.

There are many of them online opinionsThat the title has a good chance of getting to players’ phones faster. Blizzard announce Because the game’s premiere for the first half of this year ends on June 30. So this is the last possible date, not breaking the promise.

Another argument for an imminent offer Immortal Diablo There is a post on Twitter And the InstagramIt was published by the developers on the same day as the leak from the App Store. Encourages pre-release user registration for exclusive cosmetic accessories. The date of simultaneous publication of both pieces of information should not be accidental.

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Four years have passed since then Famous Already mobile ads Diablo in the conference Blizzcon 2018. The game during the episode was called off-season, an April Fools’ joke and sparked intense controversy among fans of the series. In the coming weeks, there’s a good chance we’ll see if this idea is really bad.