The Diablo Immortal community has announced a new calculation for the maximum character level in Blizzard. According to the latest data, players need almost six times more than originally expected. All because of a new discovery.

Around the time of the premiere, fans of Diablo Immortal calculated that it would cost $110,000 to hit the limit for a single character. Now, however, it turns out that the community was not aware of all the elements of the game, because those interested need not only six gems of five-by-five quality.

The originally supposed “character cap” is just the beginning of the fun, because at some point players get five additional slots in which we can put other level 10 stones. As a last resort, players need 36 five-star gems, not just six, As previously calculated, so that they could extract the full strength of the character.

Here of course there is a problem as the mentioned gems are also in the chests According to the latest estimates, creating a perfect character in Diablo Immortal will cost from $300,000 to $600,000, or from 1,330,800 PLN to PLN 2,658,000.

These, of course, are elementary calculations, because this amount can be even greater – after all, it is difficult to determine how many chests to open to get all the stones. In addition, players assure that there are six classes of characters in Diablo Immortal, so even the biggest fans of IP should be prepared for a significant cost.