It’s clear that the recent scandal at Blizzard affects a large number of aspects beyond the office itself – including gaming in particular.

Activision Blizzard hasn’t been lighthearted in recent months. When very unpleasant information about how everything looked inside the studio began to appear, the entire positive envelope shattered like a house of cards. And The accusations seem endless. Of course, the problem extends to all of the company’s activities – including video games.

Lots of people are calling for a boycott of all the work that gets out of their hands – I wrote about it some time ago In this text. I mentioned there that everyone should do as they see fit and not force anyone to give their opinion. The topic seems to have been addressed in a similar way Rob Gallerani, one of the designers working on Diablo II: Resurrected.

In an interview with Axios, he mentioned the game that will debut next week and votes that players should forgo their purchase. He stated it explicitly Every man “should do what he thinks is right”. In fact, it is difficult to disagree with him. Personally, I think this is a healthy approach. While you shouldn’t support what happened inside Activision Blizzard, you can’t approach everything like the Three Musketeers.