In the community forum Diablo 2: Resurrection The creators responded for various technical issues. Play in Ultra HD (eg 2560 x 1080, 3440 x 1440) I mentioned problems By users of the alpha version. Several types of abuse resulting from a wide field of view are noted ?? Spells can be cast from a much greater distance, allowing to pick up things faster and avoid monsters. He also hit the PVP mode, in which a player using ultra-fast accuracy has a decisive advantage over other participants in the game. In the full version of the game, the sides of the screen will be darkened (the vignette effect), and the field of view will be the same for all players. In the video from the alpha version, you can clearly see the difference it makes when it comes to widening and limiting the field of view during the game.

The decision was received positively, and there can be no talk of the remaining problems. The community discussed and criticized widely the lack of lobby and text chat on consoles Diablo 2: Resurrection (Bisali?? Here). Blizzard did not change his mind on the issue ?? You will not be able to search for servers by name or create a lobby according to your own criteria. All that remains is to use the search engine and directly invite friends to play together. The first will be expanded with new filters, such as bosses and regions available after completing individual chapters of the game. PVP mode will be available from level 9. Details can be found in the attached screenshot:

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Chat will be on voice controllers only. According to the designers, this is the most convenient solution. One can argue this by quoting Every mother ?? Single user:

Not everyone wants to invite seven random players to an audio group chat.

It is possible to make changes in the lobby and chat, but only after the first presentation of the game.

Nothing will change with TCP/IP support As a communication option in multiplayer mode. The case also raises a lot quarrels. Blizzard explains the lack of multiplayer capability of this protocol in terms of security and ensures modifiers using this solution will still be able to use it…in the old version Diablo 2.