According to the information Sky Sports NewsThe search for reinforcements in the UK is linked to the fact that travel in the era of COVID-19 is difficult, and post-Brexit EU players must apply for work visas. Clubs have until 23:00 to complete the necessary procedures.

– I know that a Premier League club today withdrew from bringing in a German footballer because they decided that not all procedures could be completed on time – quoted by a football agent Sky Sports News.

– And that was 36 hours before the hatch closed. At this point, your buying options are limited. Since Brexit, every foreign footballer, even one from Europe, must have a vision to enter and work in Great Britain.

– However, you cannot apply for a visa outside Great Britain, unless you are renewing your old visa or extending an existing one. So we have seen many cases where footballers traveled to the UK to undergo medical checks and then went back to their countries to apply for a visa.

– On the day of the deadline, it is unlikely that the matter will be resolved very quickly. Especially since football players and their representatives must undergo a coronavirus test when traveling internationally – adds the agent.

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