Derek McKinis has challenged his team Aberdeen Stars to prove they belong to the big stage by beating Celtic after he admitted his team “nagged our lines” in the curtain that raised the flop to the Rangers.

The Dons Boss is desperate to finish eight straight matches against Hoops in the Northeast.

Victory would see a draw with Aberdeen again Neil LennonSide of stuttering.

After seizing the opportunity to jump Hibs to third place by beating Hamilton on Tuesday, McCaines Now he urged his side to take the next step.

Dunes is hoping to attain the fitness of Johnny Hayes and Ryan Edmondson after stumbling upon Akis while Curtis Mayne and Mickey Devlin may return from injury.

“When you have chances all season, it’s important that you seize them. We had a chance to go third last night, we took that,” said McCain.

“All of our previous matches with Celtic, while we didn’t get the desired result, were much closer.

“It’s important if it’s a tough game that we try to find a way to gain that advantage in order to win. To do that, we will have to do a lot of things right.

“We were judged against the old company and it’s been around for a while.

“Obviously they have a lot of advantages compared to us but what we want to make sure, when they come to Aberdeen, is that we are giving them a tough game.

“We felt as if we were disturbing our lines in the first game of the season – we just didn’t look ready.

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“When you are playing against the best teams in this league, you have to do a lot right.

“I’m happy with what we are now. Last night we weren’t perfect, but as far as what we asked after the Dundee United match, it was a step forward. Get more shots, more crosses, more bodies in the penalty area.”

Aberdeen scored four goals against Hamilton

“We scored four goals and we could have scored more. We asked for a lot, we got from the team.

“We have to be tough on one side and tough on the other to get a result. If we put it together, we have a chance.”

Confidence flows through this Aberdeen The side that swept Akis away by scoring 18 minutes of four goals in the first half.

McKinness continued: “I think the way the team has been since the start of the season is much closer to the team I want to watch and we want us to be, unlike last season where it was hard at times to find away.

“We have a lot of players playing quickly and freely at the top end of the field.

“We are scoring goals, despite the absence of our best goalscorer in the past two seasons.

“The fact that we’re bringing Sam back should help things too. The start encouraged us, but it’s just the beginning and we still have to improve.”

“Look at the players that Celtic have and we can play them on Sunday, they are good players. Men who have been through the tournament for a number of years.

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“They’ve had a hard time in the past two weeks, but it happens sometimes in football. You can’t always make it easy.”

Aberdeen faces successive confrontations against Celtic, as the semi-final match of the Scottish Cup was held seven days after Tomorrow’s match by Petodrie.

But McInnes said: “You have to deal with both games in isolation. There is no doubt that if we get a positive result and win the game on Sunday, that gives us that faith a little more by getting into the match.

“But if we don’t get the result on Sunday, we still have a chance at the end of the following week. We hope to get the two results we are looking for.”

Meanwhile, Don’s winger Ryan Hedges is determined to catch Ryan Giggs ‘attention on the big stage – and forge his way back into Wales’ squad ahead of next year’s European Championships.

The 25-year-old said: “Every player wants to play against the best teams and Celtic champions. We are fighting it with confidence after a good series of results and there is no reason why we should not get three points.

“Every season I set myself some goals and the goal is to form a Euro team.

“That was the goal when I signed up here and the postponement of the competition means it’s still the catalyst now.

“I hope I get some trophies along the way in Aberdeen that will be great.”