This week, I will speak with the British ambassador about the detention of Rafai Zemkiewicz at London airport, Deputy Foreign Minister Simon Senkowski aka Sick confirmed on Wednesday. He responded to the allegations of “Rzeczpospolita” that the invitation of the Anna Klonz Ministry was “only his own initiative”.

Szynkowski Vel Sęk announced on Monday that British Ambassador to Poland Anna Clones will be invited to the ministry. The conversation – he said – concerns the detention of journalist Rafael Zemkiewicz at London airport.

“I will be calling British Ambassador Anna Clones to the Foreign Office this week to make sure that freedom of expression belongs in the catalog of British values ​​and to ask how it is consistent with the position of British services in the case of Rafał Ziemkiewicz,” he wrote in a tweet on Twitter on Monday.

The daily Rzeczpospolita later wrote that the Polish Foreign Ministry did not want to escalate the row over Rafai Zemkiewicz, and that the British ambassador’s call regarding the journalist’s deportation was “just a personal initiative” from Deputy Minister Szynkowski aka Sęk.

The deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs referred to Rzeczpospolita’s reports in another post Wednesday on Twitter. “I see the British ambassador this week. The conversation is not an escalation, it is the basis and common denominator of the work of the entire Foreign Office. We are also bound by a duty of care to Polish citizens abroad and to respect freedom of speech. This revelation is worth a lot ”- wrote Szynkowski aka Sęk.

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Rafai Zemkiewicz was arrested Saturday morning at Heathrow Airport. He traveled to Great Britain with his wife and daughter, who began her studies at Oxford. Ziemkiewicz wanted to participate in the opening of the school year for his daughter, who will study at the Faculty of Biochemistry. He was not allowed to enter Great Britain and had to return to Poland.

In an interview with PAP, the journalist said that he was detained because of opinions that allegedly do not correspond to the values ​​recognized in Great Britain. In his opinion, this arrest is the result of a case a few years ago, when he was on the anti-Semitic list.

“I found myself at Tel Aviv University’s Cantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry + annual report on world antisemitism. Since I am regularly listed on + multiple lists of Jews +, I am considering supplementing it with being on the list of anti-Semitism as a career success – something like Win + Sinai Crowns + “- wrote a columnist in 2018 on Facebook. (PAP)

Author: Carol Kosterziwa

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