According to “The Verge”, the recording disappeared from the Internet very quickly, but despite this, you can still find copies of it, which are very common. The material published on “Loco VlogS” was created by Cesar shortly before the tests of the prototype of the SN11 Starship missile.

The young man arrived at the building SpaceXWhich has no special guarantees. He roamed freely around the spacecraft and other important devices. The Verge notes that the facility, which houses millions of dollars in technology, is partly outdoors, and its fence is neither tall nor majestic.

The Starship, a ship designed to transport people and cargo to the Moon and Mars, was funded in part by NASA. Contract between SpaceXAnd the US space agency under the Human Lunar Landing program amounts to $ 135 million. NASA has detailed security guidelines for its contractors.

“NASA takes safety and security very seriously,” spokeswoman Monica Witt said, citing The Verge, adding: – The Human Landing System contracts include requirements for contractors to adequately protect information, software and hardware. SpaceX has informed NASA that it has investigated the accident.

The Federal Aviation Administration also knows the whole thing, which regulates takeoffs and launches of infrastructure for public safety. The Foundation drew attention to this SpaceX He pointed out that “maintaining the physical security of the launch facility is an important aspect of public safety.” So far, neither Elon Musk nor SpaceX has commented on the incident.

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