last week Jason Schreyer has revealed that Days Gone 2 has been canceled. After the community increased response Jeff Ross was hesitant at first to go into detailHowever, former director Sony Bend gave an interview in which he confirmed that he was working on the game.

The originator, due to the nondisclosure agreement, was unable to determine whether the title had been revoked, but at the same time indicated poor sales. – Although this was quite loud compared to the previous titles developed by Sony Bend.

Days Gone sold more copies of all the games the studio made together. Looking at the reactions of the community and players, the game was a success. But the critics … Yes, it was like the Normandy landing. It was a bloody mess.

The problem with the game was too much budget – Sony Bend received a lot of money from the get-go, but the developers exceeded the supposed amount. The director compared the sales issue, among other things, to Siphon Filter – now the creators had to sell 4-5 million copies for the game to be profitable:

“ The return on investment for these games is excellent, [ale] For production where you only have to sell four or five million copies to equalize … you have to be sure of the return because Sony doesn’t have the cash like Microsoft and they have to spend it very wisely, also focusing on the diversified portfolio.

Ross revealed that he joined the team working on Mortal Kombat, but his departure from Sony Bend was not related to Days Gone 2. The director stated that he had reached the top of the team and would not be able to take the next step.

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In his opinion, the first part was a commercial success, despite the apparent problems that were to be fixed in the sequel:

“I’m very proud of it. The reservations were, as I know like everyone else, what all the flaws of the game are. It’s not a perfect title, but it’s the first part of the series, and you always know that the first installment creates the foundation, and then the platform on which the right aspects will build and improve.” And multiply it.

Interestingly, the early days of “ Days Gone ” might actually receive collaboration – the studio wanted to create a world in which players could collaborate from the start, but at some point it was necessary to abandon the idea. The creators even had an idea of ​​how to tie the pose to the campaign:

“It’s going to be a secondary situation, (…). I’m not going to complicate the main narrative … because that’s what we’re really good at. That was the strength of the first title, so we counted on making it better. But then take advantage of this world that I built. [weź- przyp. red.] All these resources and systems are reused and reused in a similar multiplayer version of this universe. And therefore [to] It will be with men like Deacon trying to survive, build a club or a crew. I think collaborating in this world would be a lot of fun and [fajnie byłoby – przyp. red.] See what legion battles could look like.

Jeff Ross disagreed with one point in principle – in his opinion Sony Bend was not Naughty Dog’s support studio, and the coverage was “collaborative”. Indeed, from these words, it can be concluded that a new Uncharted is emerging.

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The developer also commented on Bloomberg’s proposal to give up on smaller productions. Ross thinks Sony has to be very responsible when it comes to releasing products:

Sony needs to run its business responsibly. So it’s okay for them to make decisions based on the expected return on investment because that’s the money they need to fund the next game.

“We always assume that spreadsheets are the most influencing factor in decision making in places like EA and Activision, and in my experience Sony has never been this way before. We are all smart and understand that we have to create something commercial, but they don’t stick it in our necks.”

“Games are expensive, movies are expensive … To get more of them, the former has to make money. I think the more I find out, the more doomed you are to failure and that’s why I like Sony’s loose format. Even in Schreier’s report, in which he says they are” They tighten the rules, there is still a mention of great confidence in their developers. “