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leading Czech Andrei Babis did not rule out that President Milos Zeman would entrust him with the task of creating a new one. rz ± du. He told reporters that the series of talks between the head of state and leaders of the parties that entered parliament will start on Wednesday.

The elections to the House of Representatives on Friday and Saturday were won by the center-right SPOLU coalition, which has a chance to form a government with another opposition bloc – the coalition of the Pirates and Mayors Party. ANO, current group the first showHe took second place in the vote.

The opposition SPOLU blocs and the Pirate Party coalition and mayors are set to gain 108 seats, which is the majority of the lower house of the Czech parliament.

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ANO without the majority

Prime Minister Andrej Babisz said he was satisfied with the result of his party, which is expected to win 72 of the 200 seats in parliament. He admitted that he did not expect a loss. We’ll see what the president decides. Talks won’t start until Wednesday. He stressed that we will find out if the president will assign me the task of forming a government Andre Babisz.

Before the elections, President Milos Zeman announced that the mandate to form a new government would be given to the party leader, not to the coalition that would win the most in the House of Representatives. Representatives. In the current situation, that would be ANO. However, Babisz’s potential position may not receive a vote of confidence.

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After the election results were announced, Peter Fiala, the leader of the SPOLU coalition and its candidate for prime minister, rejected the possibility of forming a government with the ANO party headed by the incumbent Prime Minister Andrej Babis, and got the second result in the vote. . – We got it together Republic The Czech Republic’s opportunity for a better future. That our country would cease to be in debt and that we would remain part of a democratic Europe. That young people have their future here, and old people will have a decent old age. Above all, however, this election is a victory for a politics of respected values ​​- Fiala said.

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