Education and Science Minister Przemyslaw Czarnik spoke in an interview with Polish Radio 24 during the 590th Congress about the challenges that the modern world poses to science and education. The interviewer with Adrian Klarenbach emphasized that we have more and more crises to which science must respond, which is the discovery of the truth, “and without the discovery of the truth, the future is completely unknown.”

Congress 590. Europe in the face of crises

We have many problems that we already have to solve and many problems that lie ahead. This is an aging population, a population emigration, a demographic crisis that never goes through, but it’s also something that seemed unreal 10 years ago – everyone thought history was over and there was no possibility until the middle of the twentieth century – meanwhile we have a security crisis and history repeats itself – Przemyslav Ksarnik said.

– And finally, on top of all that, there is something you really have to deal with – the crisis of values. When we talk about the West and Western Europe, we are mainly talking about Europe, which is a Christian value community. Today, in Western Europe, the foundations of Christianity are not only abandoned, but also fought – added the head of MEiN.

The need for the “Three Seas Initiative Academic Community”

In his opinion, the solution that can save Latin civilization and help deal with all these crises is the coordination of the Three Seas, around which this year’s edition of the 590th Congress revolves.

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In this part of Europe, this crisis of values ​​is not as advanced as in Western Europe. This part of Europe has developed strongly in recent years. This part of Europe begins to communicate with each other, and Via Carpatia is a great example of this. And in this part of Europe, academic cooperation is needed. The Academic Community of the Three Seas Initiative is something that we will focus on and dedicate to our Copernican Academy, as a platform for collaboration between scientists from the entire Three Seas Initiative – emphasized the Minister of Education and Science.

“We can solve energy problems, we can solve infrastructure problems, we can solve value problems,” Kazarnik emphasized.

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