• Bowie pointed Sasco to criticize the National People’s Congress
  • It claims that the behavior of the enemies is intentional
  • The community believes that the developer does not understand the essence of the problem

During a recent broadcast of Cyberpunk 2077, Pawe Sasko, the game’s lead designer, responded to society’s claims that the AI ​​in the latest production of CD Projekt Red is not at a satisfactory level. According to the developer, this is an intentional action.

I know our players sometimes ask why AI [w Cyberpunk 2077 – red.] He is so stupid (…). SI knows where you are. AI can find you. Artificial intelligence can do a lot of different things. The problem is that it would make the game incredibly unfair and incredibly difficult – Sasco explained during the broadcast, who also hosted Miles Toast, a high-profile designer.

We are not trying to make the AI ​​smart. We try to make the AI ​​behave like people who make mistakes and miscalculate things.

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To support his thesis, Bowie Sasco provided some examples. Among other things, he indicates that if the hero gets into combat while using camouflage, the NPCs will aim at the point where the shots were coming – even if the player moves to a different point.

On the other hand, if a player wipes out a lone enemy in a certain location and then goes unnoticed to another location, he doesn’t expect the AI ​​to be wise enough to say, “He killed someone here, so he should have run in this.” Direction. “

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– All of this is intentional, Sasco assures. AI has to behave like a human being, and it has to make mistakes. Otherwise, the game will not be playable.

In Cyberpunk 2077, enemies are unlikely to resort to maneuvers or other advanced maneuvers

Under the material on Reddit collecting the aforementioned data, players stated that Sasko apparently did not understand NPC’s basic AI criticism in Cyberpunk 2077. Stalking after the player has committed a crime.

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It’s worth noting, however, that during the broadcast, Pawe Sasko answered a specific question that was asked in the chat – and it was about NPC behavior during the fight. Some netizens even claim that the developer’s statements are out of context.