Last week, CD Projekt RED introduced some uncharacteristically upcoming changes to Cyberpunk 2077. Not all players were satisfied with the way the news was being presented, which resulted in a number of negative comments. However, the studio reassures the fans and confirms – the upcoming correction will receive more amenities.

CD Projekt RED is still working During the second update of Cyberpunk 2077. But the Polish team found time for that Introducing the first stomach changes – Last weekend, we received completely detailed information on, among other things, optimization of city night police operation or controls.

Not all players liked the effective presentation of the changes – some futuristic city fans relied on standard disclosure of details and a larger list of fixes. Some people appreciate the efforts, but in their opinion, it’s time to fix the game and release the promised update.

In response to the comments, CD Projekt RED responded and posted an additional message confirming this Currently, only “some changes” have been detected and full corrections will be released at a later time.

As mentioned earlier, the update will be released in the second half of the month, so we can expect all the details and changes to be released in the coming days.