August 23, 2021, 11:45

Patch 1.3 to Cyberpunk 2077 did not live up to fans’ expectations. However, it is possible that their frustration was premature, as evidence was found in the game files that may point to working in multiplayer mode, a couple of great DLC features and the features of the RED engine.

the first show Cyberpunk 2077 movie It was not successful. Shortly thereafter, CD Projekt RED started fixing the game, and its absolute priority was to get it in the same condition on the base versions of the PS4 and XONE consoles. Title It happened Playable but still buggy and modern Correction 1.3 Not much has changed in this matter. Society had the right to do so disturb. But could her frustration be premature?? Miners can date He knew ?? Evidence of the Reds’ hard work in the game files??. First of all, they refer to the omitted so-called multiplayer mode, but also to the two announced big additions and serious changes to the RED engine, which may herald the addition of cut-off functionality before the premiere.

For more details see Tyler McVicker in the article above ?? Popular gaming journalist, known mainly from Valve News Network reports. MacVicker says he has been in contact with several brokers who have agreed to this Patch 1.3 made a lot of changes that are not visible at first glance. These are for the RED Engine, which is clearly being rebuilt to allow developers to implement the features, mechanics, and systems fans promised before launch. Cyberpunk 2077 movie. Finally, we know that many of them have never found their way into the game, while others have been wyciête shortly before its release.

Moreover, when data miners, after the last patch, launched the .exe file. For the latest production of ?? Reds?? In a hex editor (see screen above), they had to find proof of this Work is underway not only on the first major extension ?? What did we realize?? But also during the second expansion and multiplayer mode (Part of the money allocated to it acquired from the state budget), which appears to have been abolished. All of these discoveries may or may not mean that CD Projekt RED does indeed Leadership The game for the promised state before the premiere.

It may not be so sweet, Tyler McVicker He also referred to several premises that allow conviction of this Cyberpunk 2077 movie For the first time in beta?? In a kind of early access (Discussed, among others, in 3:02). Lots of guys made grim jokes about this? Now it may turn out to be nothing but pure truth.