Jon M Chu Leaves Disney + “Willow” Series

On Monday, John M Chow announced on Instagram that he was quitting directing the Disney series “Willow” due to lack of time. “I am devastated to let you all know that I’m sorry to back down from Willow’s directing.” He wrote. “As the production schedule changes due to ongoing hurdles in the UK and a new baby coming this summer (surprise!), The timing is not going to work for me and my family.” In October, it was announced that Disney + agreed to sequel Lucasfilm’s Willow and Ron Howard, director of the 1988 original. Chow signs a contract to direct the pilot Read also: John Chow directs the second installment of the Willow for Disney + The New series, with Warwick Davis reprising his role as the title character, years later Numerous Howard movie events. Howard is the executive producer of the project, with Jonathan Kasdan and Wendy Merkel as the two separate writers. Kathleen Kennedy, Michael Rigwan, Chu, Kasdan, Merkel, Howard and Imagine Television will be executive producers, with Robbish Parikh and Hannah Friedman as co-executive producers. Bob Dolman, the author of the original film, will be the producer advisor, and Julia Cooperman will be the producer. Also read: “Willow” Sequel Series on Disney + Casts 3 Leads “As you know,” Willow “has been one of my favorite movies since I was a kid and I’m devastated because I don’t like some of my old and new heroes Cathy, Ron, John, Wendy, Michelle and the amazing actress and crew that they’ve created They can work together. ”Chu wrote in his mail on Monday,“ Like the kid who first saw Willow in the 1980s, I can’t wait. Can’t wait to see this new magic world as a super enthusiastic fan. Boy do they have an adventure for you? I can’t wait for you? ” All to experience it soon. ”See Chu’s post below. View this Instagram post by Jon M Chu (jonmchu) Reading original story Jon M Chu leaves Disney + “Willow” on TheWrap