The president-elect is known for his preference for unity, but in his pre-Christmas speech tore Donald Trump for his failure to prioritize cybersecurity for America.

one of The biggest cyber attacks In the history of the United States appeared last week. Hackers spent months exploring the systems of dozens of government agencies and companies including the US Treasury and the departments of Homeland Security, State and Defense. Federal officials warn that the offensive is continuing.

Joe Biden said that indications indicated that the culprit behind the attack was Russia, and that the breach had been planned since last year.

Biden said: “This attack happened during the era of Donald Trump, while he was not watching it.” “There is still a lot that we do not know. But we know this a lot; this attack poses a great threat to our national security. It was carefully planned and carefully organized.”

Once he understood the extent of the damage the United States would be doing, Biden said, “perhaps in kind,” indicating some kind of retaliatory move. Joe Biden also said that the current administration isn’t sharing everything it knows with his transition team.

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The United States will “respond” to an alleged Russian cyber attack

The intelligence community, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Attorney General William Barr said Russia was likely responsible for the hack. But Donald Trump questioned Russia’s role on Twitter and hinted at China’s participation.

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“The Trump administration needs formal attribution,” Biden said. “It remains his responsibility as president to defend American interests for the next four weeks, but rest assured that even if he doesn’t take this seriously, I will.”

The president-elect said he is willing to spend billions of dollars on enhancing cybersecurity in America, but he cannot say for sure whether the current systems are safe.

This is just one of the many crises facing the United States like The second wave of the epidemic It continues to rise in most parts of the country. Biden warned that the darkest days still lie ahead in the war against the Corona virus.

Meanwhile, he welcomed $ 900 billion (£ 6.7 billion). Corona virus relief bill Passed in Congress on Monday. After months of wrangling, financing was seen by many as disappointing but essential to the millions of struggling and unemployed businesses.

Joe Biden called this a “down payment” for what was already needed and said he would ask lawmakers for more help after taking office on January 20.

Donald Trump has remained largely calm on most of these issues on Twitter. His tweets show little evidence that he is still running the country, but continues to make unsubstantiated claims about a rigged election.